Siemens SIMATIC PLC 6AG1210-1PE18-2UL1

Siemens SIMATIC PLC 6AG1210-1PE18-2UL1

Model: 6AG1210-1PE18-2UL1

Supplier: Siemens

Categories: Automation Systems

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Siemens SIMATIC PLC 6AG1210-1PE18-2UL1 SIPLUS G120 PM240-2 FSA-3KW    -25 ... +50 DEGREES C    WITH CONFORMAL COATING    BASED ON 6SL3210-1PE18-0UL1    .    UNFILTERED    WITH INTEGRATED BRAKE CHOPPER    3AC380-480V +10 / -10% 47-63HZ    LEIST. HIGH OVERLOAD: 2,2 KW    FOR 200% 3S, 150% 57S, 100%    240S    LEIST. LOW OVERLOAD: 3KW    FOR 150% 3S, 110% 57S, 100%    240S    196 X 73 X 165 (HXWXD), FSA    PROTECTION IP20    WITHOUT CONTROL UNIT AND    PANEL APPROVED FOR    FIRMWARE-VERSION V4.6 6AG12101PE182UL1

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